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Any student enrolled in the M.D., M.D./Ph.D. or other dual M.D. degree program at CWRU School of Medicine and Health is invited and strongly encouraged to submit an abstract. This is a great opportunity to present your research and to talk with colleagues about your observations. It is also a chance to experience this type of presentation prior to national meetings and other forums. The studies presented should be work performed during your time in medical school, but the research need not necessarily be performed at CWRU.

Abstracts will be submitted online (login to eResearch). All abstracts should be reviewed and approved by your advisor before submitting. The abstract should include:

  • Title: Please capitalize the first letter of appropriate words.
  • Co-workers and collaborators: those individuals who worked with you or collaborated on the project but were not your advisor. No degrees are needed.
  • Department: list first the department in which the work was done, then any departments of collaborators and coworkers.
  • Institution: list first the institution in which the work was done, then any other institutions of collaborators and coworkers.
  • Body of abstract: please describe your work briefly and clearly as a single paragraph. The abstract must be 300 words or less. One format that often serves well is:
    • Background and rationale for doing the study (1-2 sentences)
    • Question or hypothesis that you addressed (1-2 sentences)
    • Methods used to pursue this question/hypothesis (2-4 sentences)
    • Results (2-8 sentences)
    • Conclusions (1-3 sentences)
  • Support: please ask your advisor. These are the funds that were used to pay for your study.

Questions about the content of the abstracts should be directed to Sharon Callahan

Questions about the mechanics of online submissions through ePortfolio should be directed to Anita Gupta at Any other questions please contact Dr. Nicholas Ziats

Evaluation of abstracts

Abstracts will be evaluated by a committee of faculty serving as judges, who will select the abstracts to be given as oral presentations and to receive prizes at the awards presentation. Selection of abstracts to be presented orally will depend entirely on the abstract and will occur soon after they are submitted. Selection for prizes will depend both on this review of abstracts and on discussions between the students and the judges at their poster presentations.