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Hand Neuroprosthesis Team

Led by Dr. Peckham, this team consists of principal investigators, occupational and physical therapists, clinical nursing, engineering and technical support. Learn More

Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Kevin Kilgore, Ph.D. My primary research interest is in the application of functional electrical stimulation (FES) to provide disabled individuals with increased independence and improved quality of life. In particular, I have focused my work on FES as applied to cervical level spinal cord injury. These individuals have paralyzed muscles in both their hands and arms. FES can be used to produce grasp and release motions, allowing the individual to perform many tasks that they could not otherwise perform independently. Case Western Reserve University




Dr. Michael Keith, M.D., Chief of Hand Surgery at MetroHealth Medical Center. My research interests are restoration of hand and upper extremity function to people with paralysis, and outcome studies and health policy.




Case Western Reserve University


Dr. Harry Hoyen, M.D., Orthopedic Surgery, MetroHealth Medical Center. My research focuses on shoulder control reanimation in stroke, paralysis, and with biomechanical deficits, Trunk control for paralytic disorders and Treatment of spastic and paralytic hand and wrist problems.







Cough Assist Team

Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Anthony DiMarco, an experienced pulmonologist at MetroHealth Medical and the Principal Invesigator of the Cough Neuroprosthesis Team.

The concept of restoring a productive cough to those with SCI is critically important to their overall health. Repeat respiratory infections and pneumonia are two of the leading causes of death following SCI. That risk has driven this team to apply the implantable neuroprosthesis technology to solve this medical issue. Now individuals have the ability produce a productive cough on demand. Learn More.



Bladder and Bowel Team

Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Ken Gustafson, Ph.D. leads the team focused solving the devastating issues surrounding bladder and bowel control for those with SCI. Utilizing the body's existing reflexes, we are working to give those with SCI varying levels of control over their bowel and bladder management.