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What documentation is required to set-up a speedtype/account?

An completed Internal Budget Form, IACUC and/or IRB approval (as applicable), corresponding Sparta Funding Proposal (FP) and any other relevant award information.

My grant has a billing code 07, how is the revenue received added to the budget?

For billing code 07s, the budget is increased to match the revenue received. At least quarterly, the department should complete an IPAS in Sparta providing the speedtype, current Income and Expense statement, and completed Internal Budget form.

What are the different Billing Codes?

I was notified that my account is deferred, what does that mean?

Our office inputs your grants information into the PeopleSoft system and prompts the system to created an internal NOA (Notice of Award), if there is an outstanding compliance item, i.e. CREC, COI, or Effort Reporting, the system will place the internal NOA in a "deferred" status. Once the compliance issue has been met, the system should automatically update. Please note the system looks at the Award PI, Project PI and the key persons associated with your award.

I have an NIH grant, how do I apply for my first no cost extension?

Please refer to your NIH Notice of Grant Award for any restrictions. Typically NIH allows a one time no cost extension. To request, please complete the IPAS form for the no cost extension request and email the form and current Income & Expense Statement to Please provide at least two weeks prior to the end date of your program.

I have an NIH grant, how do I apply for my second no cost extension?

Please note a second no cost extension request will require a letter written by the PI indicating the remaining funds to be utilized during the 2nd no cost extension, the budget for the 2nd no cost extension and discussion on why scientifically NIH should consider the 2nd no cost extension. This letter should be printed on the Department's letter head, signed by the PI and uploaded into the Sparta IPAS form.

I need to revise who receives internal NOAs in my office, what should I do?

The Department Administrator can request individuals to be added or removed from the NOA distribution listing. Please note individuals included on your department's NOA distribution list will receive ALL NOAs for your department. The Department Administrator should send an email to indicating who should be removed/added and the Department ID (ex. 691235).

Who should invoices be sent to?

Invoices should be sent to Sponsored Projects Accounting and/or the department, dependent upon the terms of the
award/contract. Please see procurement Services website for further information in regards to processing an invoice for

Who should checks be sent to?

Please note, a Funding Proposal is needed for Account Setup. Checks should be sent to the attention of Sponsored Projects Accounting at the following address:

Sponsored Projects Accounting
Case Western Reserve University
Nord Hall, 6th Floor
10900 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7037
Any questions, please email and/or