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Access to some files is limited (marked by *). To request access, please email Dan Korgan.
For Administrators preparing training grants, please contact us at 368-5655 to produce NIH training tables.

1. Recruiting Materials *

Recruiting Materials for Fairs and Campus Visits in 2012

PhD at CWRU One-pager 2012

Summer Research at CWRU One-pager 2012

US News Ranking One-pager

Cleveland Pushpin Map

Med School One-pager 2012

MS Medical Physiology Info Sheet 2012

Photo Slide Show 2011

Case SOM Recruiting Powerpoint 2010
     ** Single Slide for end of seminar talks

2. Training Grants/CWRU Training Activity

CWRU Training Grants February 2014

Training Grant Preparation Guide 2013*: Workflow and checklist for training grant administrators

Office of Sponsored Projects Administration, Management Summary Reporting System

Training Grant Database Information Flow Diagram 2010

Postdoctoral Training Grants: Training Plan Notes *

Roles for Advisory Committees on Training Grants *

Graduate Student Expense Charges 2011 *

Compensation/supplementation for Graduate Students *

OMB Circular A-21: Rules governing the eligibility and calculation of costs in sponsored research.

Parental Leave Policy on Ruth Kirschstein Fellowships

2013 NIH Stipend Levels

BSTP NRSA Stipends 2012 *

3. Resources, Environment, Institutional Commitment

Institutional Setting: Graduate Research *: Backgrounder on research education at Case SOM, useful for training grant introduction

SOM Background *: Historical and clinical information on School of Medicine

SOM Buildings, Centers, and Cores *

SOM Administration, Departments, and Centers

Graduate Student Activities & Reps 2012

Seminar List All Departments 2012

4. Research Training Program Plan

Number of Full and Part Time SOM Faculty by Department 2009-2010 *

SGS Graduate Programs Listing

BSTP and Direct Admit Matriculants by PhD Program 2012 - 2013 *

Number of Students in CWRU SOM Programs 2005-2011 *

Time to PhD Degree Averages by Program 2007-2012 *

BSTP and MSTP Backgrounder 2007 *

Correlated Curriculum in Cell and Molecular Biology 2010
C3MB Course Description
C3MB Schedule

5. Training Best Practices - Reading List

Sambunjak et al. Mentoring in Academic Medicine: A systematic Review. JAMA. 2006;296(9):1103-1115.

Keyser et al. Advancing institutional efforts to support research mentorship: a conceptual framework and self assessment tool. Acad Med. 2008;83:217-25

Brass et al. Are MD-PhD programs meeting their goals? an analysis of career choices made by graduates of 24 MD PhD programs. Acad Med. 2010;85(4):692-701.

Lopatto. Undergraduate Research Experiences support science career decisions and active learning. CBE-Life Sciences. 2007;6:297-306.

NIH: The Economic Impact of Investing in Biomedical Research

Reed et al. Gender Differences in Academic Productivity and Leadership Appointments of Physicians Throughout Academic Careers. Acad Med. 2011;86:43

Brown et al. Centralized Oversight of Physician-Scientist Faculty Development at Vanderbilt: Early Outcomes. Acad Med. 2008;83(10):969-975.

6. Biomedical Sciences Training Program/Graduate Programs

Admissions and Completion Records for Past 5 Years (NIH Table 7a) 2011 *

Qualifications of Recent Predoctoral Applicants (NIH Table 8a) 2011 *

BSTP Advisor Information 2012 *: Includes costs associated with taking a BSTP student

BSTP Lab Selection/Mentor Agreement Form

Mentor Agreement Form - Neurosciences *

BSTP Handbook

BSTP Statistics 2000-2012

Appointment Letter to Student

NRC Doctoral Programs Study - SOM PhD Programs Data Compilation *

BSTP 2005-2009 GRE/GPA Comparison *

7. Postdoctoral Programs/Professional Development

Number of Postdoctoral Fellows, Scholars and Research Associates per Dept (incl gender and URM) 2011 *: PDF version | Excel Version

Case Postdoc Definition and Policies

Professional Development for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Trainees

Professional Skills Program - List of Current and Previous Sessions

GSS Mentoring Guidebook for Faculty

BGSO Graduate Student Survival Guide

K08 Career Development Plan

Individual Development Plan 2012

8. Diversity Efforts

Supplements to Promote Diversity 2012

Minority Graduate Student Organization Booklet

Recruitment and Retention to Enhance Diversity 2013 *

Summer Undergraduate URM Research Students 1999-2009 *

SEO Program Students/Mentors 2010 *

Case Western Reserve University Diversity Statement

9. Responsible Conduct of Research/Research Compliance

NIH Update on the Requirement for Instruction in the Responsible Conduct of Research

IBMS 500 - "On Being a Professional Scientist: Ethics and Biomedical Research"

IBMS 500 Syllabus 2013

View Schedule 2013*

Case Studies*

View Course outline 2013*

Mentoring JAMA

Scientific Integrity

Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI) Program

Academic Integrity Policy 2007

NIH Office of Research Integrity

NIH Office of Extramural Research

Case Office of Research Compliance | RCR Seminar Calendar

Advanced Topics in Neuroscience Ethics Course Description

RCR Narrative Template 2012 *

10. Office of Graduate Education

University Course Time Grid 2012

Grad Program Contacts: Directory of Chairs, Program Directors, and Administrative contacts for graduate programs

Grad Program Dirs Meetings, Minutes *: Minutes of monthly graduate program directors meeting

Annual Report 2010 *

Postdoc Compensation Report 2007 *

Schedule of Doctoral Programs Review, SGS *

State of Ohio Doctoral Program Review Guidelines *

Comparison of R grants, Basic Science Faculty, and Students 2003-2007 *

Course Action Form (instructions)

Guidelines for submission and review of new graduate and graduate certificate programs

Cleveland Clinic Foundation Personal Appearance Policy (Dress Code)

Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals

Mentor Agreement and Information Form - Department of Neurosciences

Mentor Agreement and Information Form - Department of Pathology

PhD Trainer Financial Agreement and Information Form - Department of Pathology

Memo of Assistance and Instructions 2010-2011

MD/MS in Biomedical Investigation Program Description | Application

RACGS Program Review

When Students Need Help - University Counseling Services

Graduate Student Expense Charges 2011 *

Compensation/supplementation for Graduate Students *