Publication Expectations



Graduate trainees are important contributors to our research programs, and form part of our scientific legacy. Doctoral training at Case School of Medicine occurs in over a dozen programs in which hundreds of faculty serve as trainers. Our graduate programs seek to engage talented trainees to take on significant scientific problems in their research, and we devote considerable energy in guiding their progress. One aspect of our guidance is in setting expectations for graduates to achieve during the training period, and these expectations include coursework, novel research, scientific presentations, timely completion and publications.


Writing a scientific paper as lead author is an essential pedagogical experience in research training. Trainees must be accomplished in the effective communication of novel and significant results of their research in our common currency, the peer reviewed manuscript. For researchers, it is unclear that our highest earned academic degree should be conferred without this important marker of individual scholarly activity. Codifying consistent, minimum expectations is essential to reflect our common values to strengthen all programs.


By completion of the PhD, we expect graduates of Case biomedical graduate doctoral programs at the School of Medicine to have two or more first-authored primary research publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

As a minimum, at least one such paper must be accepted for publication before completion of the PhD. In some cases the publication requirement may be reduced from two to a minimum requirement of one first-authored publication, upon approval of the Chair of the Department and Graduate Program Director, particularly if that publication is clearly substantial. Students and programs are expected to strive for higher levels of accomplishment, and indeed, many PhD graduates are publishing at higher levels.