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A web application designed for students and instructors in understanding embryology of the head, face, and neck.

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Addressing concepts in human embryology can be difficult in medical and dental student populations with different learning styles and different levels of prior knowledge.

EMBRYON has incorporated prior focus group, curricular implementation, and student learning data into an existing digital interactive educational module.

Active learning assessment has been incorporated into the program in the form of short quizzes and internal data tracking.


Human embryogenesis is a very dynamic and complex process that encompasses the first 8 weeks after fertilization. Learning human embryology requires understanding mechanisms of developmental biology, as well as their temporal and spatial application.

For medical and dental students, time devoted to understanding human embryology has been gradually reduced. What is lost is the enhancement of understanding of structures in anatomy and function.


Creative collaborations between artists, basic scientists, and engineers can generate digital educational materials that clarify such complex biological issues, and, after thorough assessment, may promote and enhance self-learning.

These materials fit well into the design and scope of current problem and team-based learning methods implemented in new curricula.