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Absorbing Medication through the Skin Advanta-Jet Insulin Injection System
Alcohol Consumption Allergy Shots for Asthma
Alternative Medicine Alternative Therapies
Alzheimer's and Strokes Alzheimer's Memory Drug
Alzheimer's Warning Signs Alzheimer's and Vitamin E
Angioplasty - Antioxidants Angioplasty - TPA
Anti-Inflammitory Medication and Ulcers Antibiotics
Antibiotics and Mold Alchoholism and Smoking
Alternative Medicine Warning Aspirin - Strokes
Asthma and Inhalers Asthma Medicine
Asthma Misconceptions Beta Carotene
Bicycle Helmet Laws Blood Clots in Lungs
Body Weight - Breast Cancer Part #1 Body Weight - Breast Cancer Part #2
Breast Cancer Gene Breast Tumors
Breast Screenings Bypass Surgery Research
Calcium Supplements Carbon Monoxide, Cars and Snow
Cold-Eze an Kids Combating High Blood Pressure
Cow's Milk - Not a Cause of Diabetes Cesarian Sections
Children's Health Cholesterol-Diet-Exercise
Cholesterol Drugs Denmark Asthma Study
Depression Diabetes - Exercise
Diabetes - Insulin Dietary Fat Part #1
Dietary Fat Part #2 Diverticulitis
Dutch Exercise Study Early Discharge of Newborns
Elderly Drugs - Driving Elderly Rehabilitation
Environmental Lead Levels Estrogen After Menopause
Estrogen and Bone Mass Excess Dietary Iron
Exercise and Breast Cancer Exercise and Sleep
Fast Acting Insulin Fish
Folic Acid and Heart Disease Foreign Adoptees
Fruits and Vegetables Garcinia Cambogia
Gene Therapy Gulf War Syndrome (Part 1)
Gulf War Syndrome (Part 2) Halloween Accidents
Heart Attacks - Depression Heart Attacks - Gender
Heart Attack Program Heart Disease in Women
Heart Disease Testing Heart Disease Treatments
Heart Failure - Diet Pills Hernias in the Groin
Herpes Drug High Blood Pressure
High Voltage Lines Hormone Pills After Menopause (2/7/96)
Hormones After Menopause (6/20/97) Hypothyroidism
In-line Skating - Elbow In-line Skating - Wrist Injuries
Immunizing Children: Part 1 Iron Deficiency
Jet Ski Injuries Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
Kids - Second Hand Smoke Lead - Kidney Study
Mammography Migraine Medication
Men, Fiber and Heart Attacks Mental Depression - Heart Attack
Multiple Sclerosis Medication Nasalcrom
New Altzheimer Drug - Tacrine New Asthma Treatments
Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Obesity and Spina Bifida
Oil of Wormwood Olympic Drug Testing
Organ Transplants Osteoperosis and Depression
Osteoporosis Drug Over-Training
Over Active Bladder  
Pacemakers and Cellular Phones Parathyroid Hormone
Prenatal Care Prescription Drug Dangers
Progestin Prostate Cancer - 8/28/96
Prostate Cancer - 7/30/97 Prostate Treatments
Red Meat and Lymph Node Cancer Radiation - Heart Disease
Rapeseed Oil Reducing Stomach Acid
Reducing the Transmission of HIV During Childbrith Reversig Heart Disease
Russian-US Life Expectancy Second Hand Smoke
Schizophrenia Scoliosis
Selenium - May help to prevent cancer Sicle Cell - Blood Transfusions
Sickle-Cell Disease SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Second Hand Smoke part 1 Second Hand Smoke part 2
Smoke Free Work Places Steroid Education
Stroke - Fat Study Stroke Patient Rehab
Stroke Signs Stroke Test
Survey of Nursing Home Residents Teaching Hospitals
Teen Smoking Ulcer Treatments
Ulcers - Infections Vaccination for Hepatitis B
Vaccinations - Arthritis Vegetables and a Healthy Life
Vitamin B-6 & Folate Vitamin E and the Immune System of the Elderly
Walking Women, Coffee and Heart Disease