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Cat Ahlberg is a second year medical student in the University Program. She had such a great time singing in her first Doc Opera that she wanted to share the fun by becoming vocal director. She lives in Connecticut with her two cats whom she attempts to teach how to sing (it has yet to work out).

Lizzy Stevens is a second year medical student and a Bioethics masters student at Case Western Reserve University. She graduated from University of Michigan in 2016. Growing up, she danced with the Michigan Classic Ballet Company for 11 years. She also was on the Ballroom Dance Team at U of M for two years, competing in the Gold level by the end of her senior year. She previously won the Monticello Award for Best Emerging Choreographer in May 2012 for her 5-minute ballet called The Pianist. She participated last year in Doc Opera as a dancer in numerous pieces and as a choreographer of "Derm" and is looking forward to helping others choreograph this year.

Mike Swindle is a second-year med student who enjoys punch-dancing to 80s songs, eating fried rice, and hanging out with the other 70,000 Mikes found in the USA, especially the other 10 Mikes here at Case. Mike really loved choreographing and dancing in last year's performance so much that he became a dance director for this year's Doc Opera to share his appreciation and love.

Andi Cummins is a second year medical student who hails from Orlando, Florida. She can’t wait to step out onto the Doc Opera stage once again, as well as support Circle Health Services and the Student Run Health Clinic as the Financial Director. She developed a theatre bug in high school while attending a performing arts magnet program, and has continued to integrate the arts into her health care education. She is honored to be a member of such a talented team of students and faculty.

Jonathan Barko is a second year medical student, who is extremely excited to be a part of the Doc Opera Team this year. He thoroughly enjoyed his experience in the doc opera band last year as both a player and conductor, and he wanted to share that enthusiasm with this year’s cast. Jon is a Cleveland native, former music teacher, and language enthusiast.

Nikhil Krishnan is a second year at Case Med. He is from Solon, OH. After playing guitar and bass in the Doc Opera band last year, he is excited to be working with Camille and Jon to direct the band this year.  In addition to playing in the Doc Opera Band, Nikhil enjoys playing jazz with a few other students at Case Med. He is thankful for the opportunity to play music with his friends despite being busy with medical school.

Camille Yongue is a second year medical student and former orchestra nerd who is very excited to play music from Indiana Jones in this year’s Doc Opera performance! She went to Skidmore College in upstate NY and grew up outside New York City. She loves $1 pizza, Chris Thile, tennis, and would be happy to provide advice on any of these topics!

Tegan Schmidt is an M2 from California. She played softball for Stanford and consequently is now two-thirds robot (has had many orthopedic surgeries). Given that she is made of metal, technical director of Doc Opera was a natural choice. Doc Opera 2016 was her first venture into theatre, but she is excited to make this year the best yet!