Department of Neurology



Our Department has a close working relationship with the Division of Neuroradiology within the Department of Radiology.

There are (8) full-time neuroradiologists. Within their division is a strong group of endovascular specialists who work closely with the Brain Attack Team and Vascular Neurologists. Intra-arterial TPA, coiling of aneurysms, extracranial and intracranial stenting, and other cutting edge procedures are routinely employed.

In addition, one of the major conveniences of the neurology residency training program is the system wide implementation of the Picture Archiving Communications Systems (PACS) digital imaging system at the University Hospitals.

Right Occipital Infarct on FLAIR MRI imagingAs soon as a scan is completed, it is immediately available to be reviewed electronically. No longer do residents need to spend time looking for lost films, or walking to the radiology department to view scans.

Scans are now easily viewed during conferences and rounds. Large, high resolution monitors are available on all hospital units. Viewing is also easily performed on any computer monitor in the hospital and outpatient clinic.