Department of Neurology



Anthony J. Furlan, MD; Professor and Chairman

David C. Preston, MD; Professor and Vice Chair for Academic and Educational Affairs

Cathy Sila, MD; Professor and Vice Chair for Clinical Practice and Quality Management

Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology

Samden D. Lhatoo, MD, FRCP; Professor; Director, Epilepsy Center

Hans Lders, MD, PhD; Professor

Michael W. Devereaux, MD; Professor

Shahram Amina, MD; Assistant Professor

Tanvir U. Syed, MD, MPH; Assistant Professor

Guadalupe Fernandez-Baca Vaca, MD; Instructor

Fareeha Ashraf, MD; Clinical Instructor Professor (Sleep)

Nuria Lacuey-Lecumberri, MD; Clinical Assistant Professor

Neuromuscular and Autonomic

Bashar Katirji, MD; Professor; Director, Neuromuscular Center

David C. Preston, MD; Professor; Vice Chair for Academic and Educational Affairs; Program Director, Neurology Residency

Barbara E. Shapiro, MD, PhD; Associate Professor; Director, Neuromuscular Research

Jenice Robinson, MD; Assistant Professor, Director, Autonomic Laboratory

Rahila Ansari, MD; Assistant Professor

Komal Sawlani, MD; Instructor

Christopher Geiger, DO; Instructor

Thomas C. Chelimsky, MD; Adjunct Professor (Autonomic Disorders)

Stroke and Cerebrovascular

Cathy Sila, MD; Professor; Vice Chair for Clinical Practice and Quality Management; Director, Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center

Anthony J. Furlan, MD; Professor and Chairman

Joseph C. LaManna, PhD; Professor

Sophia Sundararajan, MD, PhD; Assistant Professor

Svetlana Pundik, MD; Assistant Professor; Director, Brain Plasticity and Neural Recovery Research Laboratory

Stefan Dupont, MD, PhD; Clinical Assistant Professor


Community and Regional Neurology

Deborah Ewing-Wilson, DO; Director, Community and Regional Neurology

John Andresfky, MD; Clinical Assistant Professor

Marek A. Buczek, MD, PhD; Assistant Professor (Neuromuscular)

Betsy Garratt, DO; Clinical Instructor

Amir Hussain, MD; Clinical Assistant Professor

Mustafa Kahriman, MD; Assistant Professor (Epilepsy, Sleep Medicine)

Karla Madalin, MD; Clinical Instructor

Daniel W. Miller, MD; Assistant Professor (Neuromuscular)

Amani Ramahi, MD; Assistant Professor

Ronald G. Riechers, MD; Assistant Professor

Deborah A. Reed, MD; Clinical Assistant Professor (Headache)

Mark Rorick, MD; Clinical Associate Professor (Director, Primary Stroke Center at Geauga Medical Center)

Tanvir Syed, MD; Assistant Professor

Leonard Weinberger, MD; Clinical Assistant Professor (Neuromuscular and Epilepsy)

Norton Winer, MD; Clinical Assistant Professor


Neuro-Critical Care

Michael DeGeorgia, MD; Professor; Director, Neurocritical Care Center

Wei Xiong, MD; Assistant Professor, Reinberger Neurocritical Care Unit

Ciro Ramos Estebanez, MD, PhD; Assistant Professor, Reinberger Neurocritical Care Unit

Alan S. Hoffer, MD; Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery and Neurocritical Care; Director, Neurotrauma

Brain Health and Memory

Alan J. Lerner, MD; Professor; Director, Brain Health and Memory Center

Peter J. Whitehouse, MD, PhD; Professor

Brian S. Appleby, MD; Associate Professor



Philip Fastenau, PhD; Professor; Director, Clinical Neuropsychology

Christopher M. Bailey, PhD, ABPP-CN, Associate Professor

Paula K. Ogrocki, PhD; Assistant Professor

Cynthia Griggins, PhD; Assistant Professor

James Mack, PhD; Assistant Professor

Parkinson's & Movement Disorders

Benjamin L. Walter, MD; Associate Professor; Director, Parkinson's and Movement Disorders Center; Medical Director Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Program

Steven A. Gunzler, MD; Assistant Professor

Camilla W. Kilbane, MD; Assistant Professor

Aasef G. Shaikh, MD, PhD; Assistant Professor

Multiple Sclerosis

Hesham Abboud, MD, PhD; Assistant Professor

Alessandro Serra, MD, PhD; Assistant Professor

Edward L. Westbrook, MD; Associate Professor

Stephen M. Selkirk MD, PhD; Assistant Professor

Marie Tani, MD; Clinical Assistant Professor


Neuro-Ophthalmology and Balance

Michael Morgan, MD, PhD; Clinical Instructor; Director of Neuro-Ophthalmology

Robert B. Daroff, MD; Professor and Chair Emeritus

John S. Stahl, MD, PhD; Professor

Mark F. Walker, MD; Associate Professor, Director of the Daroff DelOsso Ocular Motility Laboratory


Lisa R. Rogers, DO; Professor; Director, Medical Neuro-Oncology


Neurological and Behavioral Outcomes

Martha Sajatovic, MD; Director, Neurological Outcomes and Behavioral Center


Maureen McEnery, PhD; Associate Professor of Neuroscience


Curtis Tatsuoka, PhD; Director of Biostatistics

Clinical Trials Unit

Sophia Sundararajan, MD, PhD; Associate Professor; Medical Director, Clinic Trials Unit

Rainbow Pediatric Neurology

Mark S. Scher, MD; Professor; Director, Rainbow Pediatric Neurology

Nancy E. Bass, MD; Associate Professor

Max Wiznitzer, MD; Associate Professor

Deborah R. Gold, MD; Assistant Professor

Asim Shahid, MD; Assistant Professor

Jun T. Park, MD; Assistant Professor

Jessica Goldstein, MD; Assistant Professor

Edward Gilmore, MD, PhD, Instructor

Suzanne DeBrosse, MD; Clinical Assistant Professor



H. Gerry Taylor, PhD, ABPP-CN; Professor; Director, Pediatric Neuropsychology

Christine T. Barry, PhD; Associate Professor

Rachel Tangen, PhD; Assistant Professor


R. John Leigh, MD; Professor, Emeritus

Krishan Chandar, MD; Associate Professor, Emeritus

John H. Gardner, MD; Associate Professor, Emeritus

Administrative Staff

Salene Sanderson; Academic Administrator

Kristin Stacy; Residency and Education Administrator