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Dr. Elma Baron sleep research study gains International Media Attention

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Dr. Elma Baron
Associate Professor

Elma Baron

In 2012 Dr. Elma Baron and the Skin Study Center led a study sponsored by Estee Lauder of 60 women to research the link between lack of sleep and skin damage. The study participants were Caucasian women between 30 to 50 years old and were given a standard questionnaire (PSQI) to determine sleep quality. “Skin aging was evaluated using the SCINEXA scoring for intrinsic and extrinsic photoaging”.1

Results indicated that “poor sleepers (PSQI of >5 and sleep duration of 5 hours or less) had significantly higher intrinsic aging scores than good sleepers (PSQI of <5 and sleep duration of 7-9 hours) (p<.05). The data suggest that significant differences exist in skin aging and function between individuals who have healthy sleep patterns versus those who do not.”1

Scientist agree chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to medical problems such as obesity, diabetes, cancer and immune deficiency.

Dr. Baron and the UH Skin Study Center sleep study was estimated to be viewed by over 180 million viewers/readers. The news item was picked up by eighty-six independent and international news organizations. Vogue Australia and China, Glamour, HarpersBazaar and Elle online and magazines along with Science World, Medical Daily and Men’s Health.

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1. Oyetakin White P, Koo B, Matsui MS, Yarosh D, Fthenakis C, Cooper KD, Baron ED. Effects of sleep quality on skin aging and function.