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Skinergy Dermatology 4th Quarter 2014

Final Agenda

International Psoriasis Conference

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A Program entitled Use of computational medicine to advance understanding of psoriasis and comorbidities that promote inflammation and CV that was co-sponsored by The Murdough Family Center for Psoriasis and the Dermatology Research Centre at the University of Manchester IMPACT (Identification and Management of Psoriasis Associated ComorbidiTy) Program was held on Monday October 27th 2014 at Case Western Reserve University.

The Meeting hosted a panel of National and International experts that discussed the impact of psoriasis on cardiovascular health as well as other psoriasis-associated co-morbidities. The panel also discussed new avenues for interventional strategies, including advanced computational medicine and educational/behavioral/lifestyle modification to advance the treatment of psoriasis and its comorbidities. A Practitioner Education Workshop was also presented by the University of Manchester faculty on the morning of Tuesday October 28th.

A few pictures of some of the attendees: