Department of Dermatology

Research Centers

Center for Medical Mycology

Center for Medical Mycology (CMM) is a unique institutional resource for the study of fungal diseases from the test tube to the patient, which serves as a mycology reference center providing services to clinicians and the pharmaceutical industry. We also perform molecular level research on areas including fungal pathogenesis, virulence and formation of fungal biofilm, as well as clinically relevant studies in fungal biology. The faculty and staff at the Center possess high ethical standards and are committed to being effective, responsible and accountable.

Skin Diseases Research Center

The SDRC mission is to add value to SDRC investigators through strength of focus on uniting basic and translational skin science. The vision of the SDRC is to enhance career development and to fuel the projects of new and experienced investigators with a rich matrix of resources in order to speed the progress and enhance the quality of skin diseases research.

Skin Cancer Research Institute

As the focal point of the Department of Dermatology at Case Western Reserve University, led by Kevin D. Cooper, M.D., the Skin Cancer Research Institute engages the foremost experts in dermatology and oncology to work collaboratively across disciplines to identify new ways to treat and prevent skin cancers.

Murdough Family Center For Psoriasis

There are 7.5 million psoriasis patients in the United States. Fifty-eight percent of those with psoriasis experience inadequate treatment because current major therapies are sometimes ineffective, unavailable, or unsatisfactory. Current major therapies often help psoriasis, but can increase skin aging, skin cancer, liver or kidney toxicity, blood lipids, or blood pressure. We are committed to helping develop improved therapeutic approaches without the above drawbacks.