Department of Dermatology

Research Support


Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation: Identifying Clinically and Etiologically Relevant Subtypes of Melanoma Using Integrated Molecular Profiling Approaches. Start date: June 1, 2011. Role: Principal investigator.

Dermatology Foundation Career Development Award in Medical Dermatology: Identifying Clinically Relevant Subtypes of Melanoma Using Genomic Profiling. Start date: July 1, 2012. Role: Principal investigator.


Skin Cancer Foundation Grant: Inclusion of Clinical and Dermoscopic Imaging of Nevi in a Comprehensive Melanoma Database to Examine Potential Associations between Dermoscopic Patterns of Nevi and Genetic and Somatic Mutations in Melanoma.January 1, 2011-March 31, 2012. Role: Principal investigator.

National Rosacea Society Research Grant: Factors That Affect Rosacea: A Cohort-Based Study on Twins. Start date: July 25, 2012. Role: Principal investigator.

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