Department of Dermatology

Research Interests:

Scientifically, my interests lie in monocyte and T cell-lineage mechanisms of skin inflammation and its regulation, and in clinical translation for photomedicine applications, psoriasis, cutaneous T cell lymphomas, dermatitis, and skin cancers. More broadly, through my role as chair and other leadership opportunities, my career is focused on advancing the understanding and treatment of skin diseases, and on mentoring others to become effective contributors to this area. My role as Director of the Skin Diseases Research Center (SDRC) and its Administrative Core is a fully-aligned match with my personal goals and skill sets, in that the SDRC’s goals are to develop and promote skin-centered research by focusing new basic findings and technologies on skin disease applications. My broad dermatologic investigational experience and institutional resource awareness is well utilized in promoting communication and interdisciplinary interactions among SDRC investigators, as well as overseeing the Enrichment programs, in particular, the Pilot and Feasibility Program. Similarly, my financial, administrative and scientific experience benefits the directors of the Core laboratories in organizing proper governance of the cores and optimizing service to the Center membership base. My med-sci organizational leadership capabilities are recognized through election as President of the UH Case Medical Center/Case Western Reserve University Council of Clinical Chairs of the Association of Professors of Dermatology, and of the Society for Investigative Dermatology (04-05). I am currently the Chairman of the National Psoriasis Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Committee, and past chair of basically the same committee for National Eczema Association. I have effectively administered clinical programs, teaching/training programs, a clinical laboratory program, clinical trials, multidisciplinary research, and translational initiatives for many years. My appointments to multiple key institutional research-related committees allow an excellent view of the opportunities for skin research at this academic medical center, as well as opportunities for SDRC advocacy.

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