Department of Dermatology

Elma Baron, M.D. joined Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center in 2003. Dr. Baron’s training, began at the University of the Philippines, College of Medicine, where she was accepted into the Dermatology Residency and became Chief Resident. She then entered fellowships in Clinical Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School followed by a fellowship in Dermatology, Photobiology, Translational and Cutaneous Oncology at Case Western Reserve University/University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center/VA Medical Center, and a research fellowship in Lasers & Photomedicine.

Dr. Baron is the Chief of the Dermatology Service at the VA Medical Center, Director of Photomedicine, at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, and Director of Translational Research Core & Skin Study Center, at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center. As Chief of the Dermatology Service at the VA Medical Center, Dr. Baron pioneered Telemedicine to accommodate the needs of 13 Community Based Outpatient Centers serving a large region of Ohio veterans. As Director of Photomedicine, Dr. Baron is highly recognized for her expertise in diseases caused by light exposure, as well as for her expertise in therapeutics using various wavelengths of light for specific conditions. As Director of the Skin Study Center, Dr. Baron oversees a clinical research unit in which she has developed the capability to measure a suite of human skin physiologic and damage responses to quantifiable environmental stressors and injuries. As Director of Translational Research Core she interfaces with numerous investigators who wish to translate basic findings into studies using elicited responses normal human skin, or skin from patients with certain skin diseases or malignancies. Dr. Baron is highly committed to enabling research fellows and students to have a positive productive research experience to further their career development. She is heavily engaged in all aspects of our teaching mission. Her teaching is highly valued by the residents, who learn their basic surgical skills, medical dermatology, and phototherapeutic skills, including laser therapies, from Dr. Baron.

Dr. Baron’s academic area of focus is in Photomedicine, Translational Medicine, and Teledermatology. She is nationally recognized for her contributions to understanding how sunlight and specific wavelengths of light interact with skin and modify its structure and function in health, disease and premature aging.