Department of Dermatology

Skin Cancer Research Institute

As the focal point of the Department of Dermatology at Case Western Reserve University, led by Kevin D. Cooper, M.D., the Skin Cancer Research Institute engages the foremost experts in dermatology and oncology to work collaboratively across disciplines to identify new ways to treat and prevent skin cancers.

The Skin Cancer Research Institute (SCRI) at Case Western Reserve University exists to:

  • Discover causes of skin cancers
  • Prevent skin cancers more effectively
  • Develop new therapies for skin cancer treatment


Transforming Skin Cancer Innovation

One of the most robust skin cancer research engines in the nation, the Department of Dermatology is poised to create a research institute unique in scope on a national scale. Its efforts are validated by generous grant funding from the National Institutes of Health as well as through its continuous stream of groundbreaking discoveries over the past decade. What exists now within this rich infrastructure is an opportunity to transform discovery in skin cancer research. CWRU plans four new centers exclusively dedicated to the study of skin cancer, which will complement existing centers of excellence in the Department. The emerging centers include:

  • Melanoma Center
  • Basal/Squamous Cell Carcinoma Center
  • Photo Medicine Center
  • Environmental Agent Center
The Skin Cancer Research Institute has an opportunity to be unique in the nation in its capacity to bring new therapies "from lab to life" by aligning specialized skills and catalyzing new knowledge through these centers.

How You Can Help

Supporters of the Skin Cancer Research Institute play an integral role in making discovery possible. The impact of this support touches many individuals as researchers work to save lives through new knowledge and cures. Attracting funding to establish four new centers exclusively dedicated to skin cancer research is a major priority.

  • Melanoma Center
  • Basal/Squamous Cell Carcinoma Center
  • Photo Medicine Center
  • Environmental Agent Center
Contributions that will make these centers possible include the creation of:
  • Endowed professorships and chairs - support faculty recognition, recruitment, and retention; drive program development and operations; and sustain matrix collaborations with medical, radiation, and oncology experts.
  • Endowed fellowships - allow promising students an opportunity to pursue research careers, which is essential to sustain the pipeline of research for the future. Funds support fellows' salary and benefits, supplies, research costs, travel for presentations, and publication costs.
  • Endowed Lectureships - encourage the exchange of ideas by inviting renowned experts in the field to speak to regional faculty researchers and research partners, and to present and create dialogue on emerging research. Funds provide for honorarium and travel costs.

Endowments can be funded through outright gifts, bequests, and life income arrangements. You can make a difference today in the fight against skin cancer. For more information, or to learn about the many ways to give, contact:

Jason Gray
Executive Director of Development
Case Western Reserve University
(216) 368-4420