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“Adrift” by Punit Vaidya, MD, Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center


"Can you spot the imposter" by Russell Frautschi, third year medical student

The Case Western Blot is a student-run arts and humanities publication, first published in 2016 as a way for students and faculty at the School of Medicine to reflect on their experiences in healthcare, and to share these perspectives with others. The magazine is a collection of poetry, stories, photography, paintings, crafts, drawings, and more. 

“What we tried to showcase with the second issue is that art, music, and writing are important ways we express ourselves beyond the clinic,” said Helen Sun and Xinrui Zhang, editors-in-chief of The Blot. “It's hard sometimes to remain connected to this creative side while entrenched in work and studies, but working on the magazine has really kept us grounded and we're so proud to belong to a community of people with such varied talents outside of science and medicine.” 

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