Institute for Computational Biology

The Institute for Computational Biology (ICB) will advance our fundamental knowledge of human biology through the application of computational methods to large and diverse datasets. Further, the ICB will promote the translation of this knowledge into better diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prevention and delivery of healthcare.

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OnCore Enterprise Research

The OnCore Enterprise Research system is a clinical trial management system that integrates information systems and common operational components with an appropriate balance of centralization vs. decentralization.


LabmatrixTM is available to all members of the CWRU and affiliated hospitals research community and is housed inside of the ICB SHED (Securely Held Electronic Data) within the CWRU Secure Research Environment (SRE). Access is tightly controlled via role-based security and 2-factor authentication.

Computational Biology Core

The Computational Biology Core is a collaborative and fee for service facility within the ICB aimed at providing computational and analytical support for a variety of research questions. The Core supports standardized and custom pipelines for data processing and analysis of next-generation sequencing data.