Whether you are a new or an experienced investigator, the CTSC provides a wide array of services to help you design and manage clinical research studies. From funding opportunities for pilot projects, to cutting edge instrumentation and technology, the experienced CTSC staff is here to help you bring your research from lab to life. Visit our researcher links or contact the Research Concierge Service:

Research Concierge Service
The Research Concierge Service (RCS) is the "Front Door", or entry way, to all elements of the CTSC program.

The REDCap Consortium, comprised of more than 300 active institutional partners, supports a secure web application designed exclusively to support data capture for research studies.

Researcher's Welcome Packet
The Researcher's Welcome Packet contains detailed information on all aspects of the CTSC program.

Request Management System
TheRMS is your front doorCTSC requests. After logging in, you can submit requests, upload/download documents, and view the progress of your request.

Pilot Programs
The peer-reviewed pilot funding program is designed to stimulate and promote new translational research, new research collaborations, and novel research ideas.

SciVal Experts
SciVal Experts is a subscription tool used to identify CTSC faculty and other biomedical experts and their publications by areas of expertise. faculty research and project collaboration.

Developed originally by Cleveland Clinic,Explorysa secure cloud computing platform specialized for leaders healthcare.

WebGrants is a centralized, online grant proposal management system which facilitates the submission and review of competitive research initiatives.

Recruitment Resources
The CTSC has access to several recruitment tools; including ResearchMatch, which works to bring researchers and research participants together.

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