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Pilot Programs

Due to a delay in program funding, the CTSC will not be providing pilot funds at this time.

A key component of the CTSC and of the entire CTSA initiative is the CTSC Pilot Grant Program; a peer-reviewed pilot funding program designed to stimulate and promote new translational research, new research collaborations, and novel research ideas. The goal of this funding is to promote innovative research teams capable of interacting across institutions, schools, and disciplines to generate novel ideas and data on translational research projects. To this end, the Program offers a variety of funding opportunities to researchers from the CTSC partner institutions: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth Medical Center, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center and the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center.

CTSC Annual Pilot Funding

  • Up to $50,000 per project for up to one year of support

The CTSC Annual Pilot Program is for researchers to conduct innovative translational research projects focused on the invention, preclinical development and/or first in man studies of novel therapeutic agents, biomedical devices, and diagnostics designed to address unmet clinical needs. More.

Core Utilization Pilot Grants

  • (Support can be any amount up to a maximum of $10,000 for use in eligible cores)

Core Utilization pilot program supports investigator use of and familiarity with CTSC Core operations and personnel, in anticipation of applications for external funding using CTSC resources. More

FDA Guidance Core Utilization Pilot Grants
Support can be any amount up to a maximum of $10,000 for primary use in the FDA Guidance Core and other eligible cores to support the work in the FDA Guidance Core as appropriate.

CTSC Themed Pilots
The CTSC offers themed pilot opportunities designed to target specific areas of research. Future Themed Pilot Awards will focus on Pediatrics/Child Health, Bioethics, obesity, hypertension, neurological disease, biostatistics/experimental design, and health disparities. RFA information will be posted on the website for all theme pilots.

  • None available at this time

Other CTSC Supported Pilots
The CTSC offers, promotes, or supports many other pilot funding opportunities. Including:

The Practice Based Research Network Pilot, Cleveland Clinic RPC Pilot Funding, Weatherhead Institute Pilot, Skin Disease Research Center Pilot, Cystic Fibrosis Pilot, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center Pilot, Nutrition Obesity Research Center Pilot, Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy Pilot and the NINDS Center for SUDEP Research Pilot.

Strong candidates for funding are projects that: Are multidisciplinary, collaborative, and/or inter-institutional in the local clinical and translational research enterprise, encourage the development or use of emerging methodologies and technologies that may affect future research, allow rapid acquisition of proof-of-principle data to proceed with full-scale investigations, encourage the participation of clinical and translational science trainees, are likely to lead to additional external funding, show potential to positively affect translational and clinical research toward improving human health, especially patient-based research, especially research that may lead to adoption of best practices in prevention and treatment of disease.