KL2 Reunion Information

Reunion 2016 On June 7, 2016, we held our second annual reunion of the KL2 Scholars supported by the CTSC and its predecessor, the K12 award. After the crowd had a chance to enjoy the tasteful food and drink of the Foundation House, I had the pleasure of welcoming the attendees and the honor of introducing Dean Pamela Davis, MD, PhD and CTSC PI, Michael Konstan, MD. Both of them praised the Education Core of the CTSC and highlighted the success of the program.

In her address to the group, Dean Davis highlighted the fact that this program was one of the first to forge a citywide alliance among faculty based at MetroHealth, Cleveland Clinic, the Cleveland VAMC, University Hospitals, and CWRU in support of the next generation of translational research leaders.

After recognizing the graduating KL2 and current TL1 scholars and welcoming the incoming KL2 scholars, our guest speaker, Jeremy Rich, was eloquently introduced by his mentee and graduating scholar, Jennifer Yu. Dr. Rich treated the audience to an outstanding presentation as he shared personal insights regarding his career development and how he became a highly successful funded physician-investigator. From stories of lab recruitment and enthusiasm towards his line of research, to the trials and tribulations of working hard to get where he is, Dr. Rich had us all intrigued, informed, and entertained.

All current scholars presented posters and graduating and incoming scholars delivered 1-minute "elevator speeches" designed to entice the listeners to come to their posters for further discussion.

Combining the KL2 Reunion with the annual KL2/TL1 Education Reception turned out to be a huge success. The excitement, support, and energy at the Foundation House were infectious. All in all, there were five TL1 Trainees and 16 current KL2 Scholars with a total of 51 in attendance. All but one of the KL2 Scholars participated. KL2 Scholar, Kathy Wright, RN, PhD, missed the reception as she was participating in a National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) Summer Genetics Institute. This competitive 4-week long intensive program will provide her "with an exceptional foundation in molecular genetics."

Several Kl2 Alumni and Leadership Members served as poster and elevator speech judges. Posters and speeches were judged on content, delivery & audio visual presentation. Winners of the best poster and speech included: Jennifer Yu, MD, PhD for both poster & speech; Stefanie Avril, MD for speech and Jacqueline Chen, PhD for poster. Dr. Yu, who also won last year, is exiting the KL2 program after only two years, with two R01s in hand, maintaining the high success rate of our program in helping scholars transition to independent funding.

Raed Dweik, MD
Director, KL2 program

Congratulations to the second annual KL2 Reunion Winners!

  • Jacqueline Chen & Jennifer Yu
    Best Poster Presentations
  • Stefanie Avril & Jennifer Yu
    Best Elevator Speeches

The winners were awarded an expense paid trip to a conference of their choice before the end of the grant year, May 31, 2017.