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The CTSC KL2 is a training program with a focus on multidisciplinary and team-based clinical research (see FAQs for definition of clinical research). Scholars will participate in both didactic course work and mentored research experiences over a four year period. Because of the unique backgrounds of program participants, each Scholar - in conjunction with their mentors and program leadership - will develop individualized plans of study. Scholars may elect to enroll in a Master's degree program in Clinical Investigation, which is part of the CWRU Clinical Research Scholars Program (CRSP), or pursue other master's degrees, a PhD or a Certificate. (see CTSC KL2 Timeline below).

CTSC KL2 Timeline
Winter Accepted into the CTSC KL2 program
Discuss degree options with Scientific & Career Mentor
  1. M.S. in Clinical Research (36 credits)
  2. Certificate (11 credits)
  3. PhD (standard degree 54 credits 18 of which are dissertation)
  4. Alternate Degree
  • Decide on degree option with approvals from Scientific & Career
    Mentors & Program Co-Director, Curriculum
  • Apply to CWRU and declare your degree
  • Register for required Summer Term courses and/or
    Apply for waiver for CRSP 401-402, CRSP/EPBI 431 if applicable*
  1. Orientation
  2. Start the program
  3. Submit draft Planned Program of Study (by August 15th)

*All Scholars will take (or demonstrate proficiency in) the sequence of three introductory courses: CRSP 401, 402 & CRSP/EPBI 431.

If you believe you can demonstrate proficiency in one or more of these courses, you will need to request a waiver in writing and provide transcripts and syllabi of prior coursework to Dr. Jim Spilsbury, jcs5@case.edu.   This request should be made by June 1st of the first year.  Dr. Spilsbury and the course instructors are available to review evidence of prior proficiency in detail to help a Scholar before (s)he makes a decision to request a waiver.

All Scholars will participate annually in the Clinical Research Scholar Seminar Series. Additionally, all Scholars will take courses designed especially for the CTSC KL2. Those include:

  • CRSP 412/413 Communication in Clinical Research (two semesters)
  • CRSP 501 Interdisciplinary Research Teams
  • CRSP 502 Leadership
  • CRSP 503 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • CRSP 603 Research Ethics: Emerging Issues and Ongoing Challenges

For those Scholars who place out of the introductory courses, more advanced courses can be substituted based on individual needs. Courses may be taken anywhere in the University* and tuition will be covered by the Program. Please use the links at the top of the page for further details on the curriculum.

All courses must be taken for a grade (i.e., not audited).

*As long as the course relates to your research