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Each Scholar will be guided by two mentors, a Scientific Mentor and a Career Mentor. The Scientific Mentor will be responsible for research supervision and research career development. He or she is expected to meet with the CR Scholar on a weekly basis throughout the training program. The Scientific Mentor must be an active independent clinical investigator and have a successful track record of mentoring clinical investigators. The second mentor will be a member of the Program's Steering Committee. The Career Mentor will be from a different clinical research discipline from the Scientific Mentor. The Career Mentor will support the Scholar's academic planning, assist in understanding and managing participation in the overall program, provide a multidisciplinary perspective on the Scholar's career development plan, and help the scholar develop multidisciplinary research. Both Scientific and Career Mentors will participate in the local and national evaluation activities. Please go to the link below for biographical information on current mentors.

In addition to the two mentors, Scholars will be supported by the Shared Resource Facility. Under the guidance of Dr. Esteban Walker, Scholars will be supported in the design and implementation of their research through the provision of:

  1. Advice, consultation, and guidance regarding statistical analysis, information technology, research design, and logistical implementation of interdisciplinary team-based clinical research; and
  2. Guided assistance in the use of research project funds provided through the CTSC KL2.

KL2 Mentor List [pdf]