KL2 Training Program

How to Apply

We are not recruiting until we have receipt of our new funding. Upon receipt of our new funding, we will open our website to applications.

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Application Instructions

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Project Title: The Title of Your Project

Letters of Recommendation: Please complete the fields in the Letter of Recommendation forms first and then click Mark As Complete.  This will trigger an email to your 3 references. Please note, Letters of Recommendation are also due on or before October 12, 2015.

Content Instructions
The following supporting documents are required:
1. Three, and only three, letters of recommendation.

  • One letter must be from the department head. If you are not currently affiliated with one of the five partner institutions, a letter from the prospective department chair indicating their support is required. All letters must address the following criteria:
    • Applicant's demonstrated ability or potential to conduct clinical research
    • Importance of applicant's area of research for the field
    • Multi-disciplinarily of applicant's research interest
    • Applicant's leadership potential
    • Applicant's ability to work in a team-based environment
    • Applicant's 'mentorability'

NOTE: Letters of recommendation are due the same date as application material
(October 12, 2015).

Please note that the Department Chair's letter must also indicate his or her commitment to (1) support an appropriate department appointment or "academic home," 25% salary support (50% for surgeons) (cost share above $80K); and (2) provide 75% protected time (50% for surgeons) for the prospective Scholar to comply with grant requirements.

As part of the application form, you will be asked to list your references' names and e-mail addresses on the Letter of Recommendation forms. Once you provide this information and click Mark As Complete, they will be contacted electronically with instructions for submitting their letters directly to us. Paper submissions will not be accepted. Please be sure the e-mail addresses you provide are current and accurate.

NOTE: All documents must be uploaded as .pdf or .doc only; please make sure your name is on all pages.

Applications that do not follow the page limit
& format guidelines will be disqualified.
The maximum total page limit is 10 pages
(Personal Statement (1) Career Development Plan (2) Research Plan (6) Literature (1)

2. A CV of no more than four pages including the following information in this order:

  • Personal details - name and title, address, phone number(s) and e-mail address
  • Academic background -include: dates of attendance, discipline, degree received and institution for each
  • Postdoctoral training - include dates, field of research, place and title (if applicable)
  • Professional licenses/certificates
  • Academic appointments - include dates, title, department and institution for each
  • Hospital/clinical appointments - include dates, title, and hospital for each
  • Other professional experience - include dates, title and institution/company for each
  • Honors and awards
  • Research/Scholarly Activities - include only the following:
    • Published articles arranged as follows: First authored publications; Other publications; In press articles
    • Books and book chapters
    • Peer reviewed conference presentations
    • Do not include work-in-progress or works currently under submission unless they have been accepted for publication, in which case list the journal in which they will appear and "in press"

3. A one-page personal statement addressing the following points (maximum of one page):

  • Who are you? Why have you chosen a research career?
  • Your previous research experience?
  • How you believe this training program will change the trajectory of your career or enhance your movement towards your goals
  • Why you are interested in this particular training program, specifically the multidisciplinary aspect of it

4. A two-page career development plan addressing the following points (two page maximum):

  • Your five-year goals
  • What training do you need to make yourself a multidisciplinary team researcher
  • Where are the gaps in your training that this program will help fill
  • How will you fill those gaps
  • Be as specific as possible (e.g., courses, workshops, individualized training from an expert)
  • Include a list of possible research mentors. See attached list KL2 Mentor List (PDF document) for suggestions. Mentors do NOT need to be on this list.

5. A 6-page research plan, including the following sections (maximum of 6 pages):

  • Specific aims and hypothesis (1page)
  • Background and significance (1 page)
  • Research design and methods (4 pages)

6. Literature cited (1 page)

Applications that do not follow the page limit
& format guidelines will be disqualified.
The maximum total page limit is 10 pages
(Personal Statement (1) Career Development Plan (2) Research Plan (6) Literature (1)

7. Format for personal statement, career development plan and research plan:

  • Use an Arial, Helvetica, Palatino, Linotype or Georgia typeface and a font size of 11 points or larger. (A Symbol font may be used to insert Greek letters or special characters; the font size requirement still applies.)
  • All documents must be uploaded as .pdf or .doc only
  • Type density, including characters and spaces, must be no more than 15 characters per inch.
  • Type may be no more than six lines per inch.
  • Use black ink that can be clearly copied.
  • Print must be clear and legible.
  • Use standard size (8 1/2" x 11") sheets of paper.
  • Use at least one-half inch margins (top, bottom, left, and right) for all pages, including continuation pages.
  • The documents must be single-sided and single-spaced.
  • Number the pages and do not use suffixes (e.g. 5a, 5b).
  • Please make sure your name is on all pages of the above required documents

NOTE: All documents must be uploaded as .pdf or .doc only; please make sure your name is on all pages.

Applications that do not follow the page limit
& format guidelines will be disqualified.
The maximum total page limit is 10 pages
(Personal Statement (1) Career Development Plan (2) Research Plan (6) Literature (1)

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  • Open an application, by selecting the My Applications link from the main menu.
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  • Click on the Form Name that you wish to fill in.
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