Translational Technologies Resources (TTR)

A core group of scientists in a variety of specialties provides CTSC researchers tools to characterize their clinical populations, understand mechanisms of responses to clinical research interventions, and discover molecular mechanisms underlying disease. Through their service, researchers may also access archived human subject-derived materials (e.g. DNA, RNA, plasma, serum, urine, tissue blocks) from well defined clinical populations and use core technologies and expertise of the partner institutions.
This Core Resource is focused on the development of new technologies where none had existed, as well as finding technologies and facilities that enable clinical and translational research. They provide:

  • Publications and academic training programs in new technologies
  • Mechanisms to enable comparison of data across technological platforms
  • Assistance choosing experiments to address human health questions being investigated that are appropriate to the issues and compliant with Health Information Policy (HIPPAA).

TTR Sub-Cores and Summary


Core Resource Leadership

  • Mark Chance, PhD, Co-Director
  • Ofer Reizes, PhD, Co-Director

Research Core Services

Case Center for Proteomics and Bioinformatics

Case Comprehensive Cancer Center