Practice Based Research Networks (PBRN)

A core group of clinicians and specialists in practice-based research is engaged in activities that are pivotal in transforming the discipline of clinical and translational science: they cultivate relationships among community healthcare providers with a goal of developing alliances of clinicians who engage in original research, support collaborative research across practices and institutions, and disseminate research findings into clinical practice. Please visit their website for more information or see the Building Collaborations article(s) in the CTSC newsletter for a specific success story on the PBRNs' activities.
This Core Resource is focused on developing capacity for generating and applying new knowledge at the patient's front line. They provide:

  • An expanding network of ambulatory practices devoted principally to the care of patients and that engage in clinical research
  • Advice and assistance to researchers on appropriate project implementation within participating practices
  • Liaison services of Clinical Research Facilitators who connect PBRN practices with one another, institution-based researchers with PBRN practices and researchers, work as research assistants, and connect researchers and practices to CTSC resources.


Core Resource Leadership

  • James Werner, PhD, Director
  • Kurt Stange, MD, PhD, Research & Development Mentor

Administrative Director

  • Amanda Ross-Case Western Reserve University

Clinical Research Facilitators

  • Dena Fisher -CWRU
  • Kelly Burgess-CWRU
  • Christopher Brenner-CWRU

Contact Us

  • PBRN Main Contact Info - Case Western Reserve University
    Email: | Phone: 216.368.4826 | Fax: 216.368.4348