Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center (MMPC)

The CASE Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center (MMPC) is one of seven MMPCs sponsored by the National Institutes of Health as a resource to provide services to the community of scientists who use rodents to study diabetes, obesity, diabetic complications. and other metabolic diseases. The CWRU-MMPC specializes in providing expertise in techniques for conducting metabolic studies with stable isotopes for researchers nationwide. Furthermore, the Center offers one-on-one training in analytical techniques to the investigators and their staff.

The MMPC is comprised of the Metabolic Core, the Analytical and Metabolomic Core, and the Animal Care Core.

  • The Metabolic Core (Dr. Croniger) designs and conducts all in vivo and ex vivo metabolic experiments on mice and rats, and also provides numerous techniques and measurements.
  • The Analytical Core (Dr. Puchowicz) uses mass spectrometry and labeling patterns to calculate metabolic fluxes such as lipid, protein and glucose turnover.
  • The Animal Care Core (Dr. Durfee) ensures compliance of all guidelines and regulations associated with animal research at CWRU.

We also have extensive experience assisting investigators in planning and implementing their experiments, such as setting up new analyses of unlabeled and labeled metabolites. We are also available to discuss the design and interpretation of experiments conducted by researchers outside of the MMPC

All the studies and analyses for potential Case MMPC users are conducted strictly on rodents or rodent samples shipped to our facility.

For more information on Case MMPC: click here.

For more information on the National Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Centers Consortium: click here.

Center Leadership:

  • Henri Brunengraber, MD, PhD - Center Director
  • Timothy Kern - Center Co-Director

Core Resource Leadership:

  • Michelle Puchowicz, Analytical Core Director
  • Colleen Croniger, Metabolic Core Director
  • W. John Durfee, Animal Care Core Director