Program Evaluation

CTSC Logic Model (November 2014)
CTSC Logic Model (November 2014)

A core group of professionals with expertise in outcomes assessment, educational testing and measurement is responsible for evaluating how well the CTSC is achieving its goals - both across the researcher community overall and also within each core resource. They address whether or not the CTSC achieves explicit goals in promoting multidisciplinary clinical investigation, and whether our activities are distinguishable in tangible ways in type, number, and scope from research that exists without CTSC assistance.

In addition to evaluating the CTSC, this core group is available to assist researchers identify, measure and evaluate their programs and research studies

This Core Resource is focused on meeting professional program evaluation standards of utility, feasibility, propriety, and accuracy as well as adhering to five principles: systematic inquiry, competence, integrity/honesty, respect for people, and responsibility for general and public welfare. They provide:

  • Evaluation of CTSC context, input, process, and outcomes to help administration make ongoing operational adjustments toward achieving its objectives
  • Measurements/mapped relationships and flows between people, scientific research teams, and leadership using social network analysis.
  • Generalizable knowledge/lessons learned at the local and national level about design, implementation, and outcomes of the CTSC initiative to help the broader academic research community learn from our experiences.


Core Resource Leadership