Bioanalyte Core

The Bioanalyte Core utilizes quantitative and qualitative assays to measure bioanalytes including but not limited to cytokines and lipid metabolites. The services can focus on gene expression, secretion and functionality. Samples may be comprised of tissue/cellular extracts, serum/plasma, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, endometrial fluid, tears, and amniotic fluid and cell culture supernatants frommice, rats, rabbits, humans and monkeys. The Core can also develop assays which are not currently commercially available. The Core can also run clinical samples through certification by the American Board of Medical Laboratory Immunology. The Bioanalyte Core instrumentation includes: ABI Taqman 7000 for basic gene expression and protein array analysis; Luminex multi-analyte analysis of soluble bioanalytes and transcription factors; ELISA readers for specific proteins not available in the Luminex format and for the development of antibody based assays; Luminescence reader for the evaluation of assays based upon the release of luminescence including viability assays; cell proliferation assays; assays to measure transfection efficiency; Chemiluminescence reader for transcription factor activation, ion assays and competitive assays; basic flow cytometry to measure cell surface expression of identity markers, activation markers and/or intracellular expression of proteins. In the near future we will also be able to provide assistance in cell-sorting using our newly purchased BD FACSJazz.