The CTSC Welcomes the Urban Health Initiative!

We are pleased to welcome the Urban Health Initiative to the CTSC! The Urban Health Initiative (UHI) was established in 2011 to better leverage the assets of the School of Medicine, the University and our clinical affiliates to make an impact on the health of the urban underserved population in the Cleveland area. With the Affordable Care Act's emphasis on population health improvement, UHI's work is more important and relevant than ever. By bringing UHI into the CTSC, we can better connect and leverage its activities with the research mission of the CTSC. In particular, we see opportunities with the Community Engagement Core, the PBRN, the Evaluation Core, the Population Health Outcomes Core, and more. At the same time, access to CTSC infrastructure will amplify UHI's work and impact.

Through an environmental scan, the UHI identified a number of key needs and opportunities for achieving its mission. These include:

  • An easy way to identify existing partnerships between the University and the community that pertain to improving health at the community or population level;
  • A one-stop shop for finding current data on health and the determinants of health in the local population; and
  • The need to improve nutrition and physical activity in child care settings.

Visit UHI's website to learn about its progress in all of these areas. UHI Director Dr. Amy Sheon is located in the Bioethics suite of the School of Medicine (TA-208); the program can be reached at