CTSC Explorys Collaborative Pilot Available

CTSC Explorys Collaborative Pilot


Available Funds

Three (3) pilots will be awarded at $30,000 ($20,000 from the CTSC and $10,000 in-kind technical support from Explorys) The purpose of this pilot funding opportunity (maximum of $30,000 over 6 months) is to innovate and collaborate with Explorys informatics personnel to develop novel or enhance existing approaches for expanding the use of BIG DATA in organizing, integrating, searching, analyzing, or visualizing health care data.


Successful  applications will involve two or more disciplines, with a focus on building  innovative clinical research informatics, aligned with a key Explorys focus  area as listed above and allocate no more than a third of the budget on  supporting development efforts or analysis by Explorys. Outcomes of funded  projects are expected to result in novel approaches that leverage biomedical  data and create tools that are aligned with the mission of Explorys and the  CTSC. Furthermore, the outcomes should  be suitable for joint peer-review and subsequent dissemination or lead to  subsequent funding jointly with Explorys. All Explorys development as part of this grant will be Explorys  intellectual property.

  • Only one investigator  can be named as PI. Additional investigators will be named co-investigator(s)
  • Institution of record  for a proposal is the PI's primary institution
  • The PI is required to be  a faculty member from CTSC partner institutions


Application will be submitted electronically no later than December 14, 2012, 11:59 pm via  WebGrants, Webgrants will not open until November  14, 2012. http://webgrants.case.edu/

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