CTSA Pharmaceutical Assets Portal invites you - Join the effort to find new uses for discontinued drugs!

The CTSA Pharmaceutical Assets Portal invites you to join in the effort to find new uses for discontinued drugs.

The Portal project is jointly supported by the Pfizer Corporation and NCRR.  Portal members are given an unprecedented opportunity to request compounds from the Pfizer Indications Discovery Unit, a division of Pfizer vested with finding new uses for old drugs.  In addition to the compounds that you may be aware of from publically-available sources, Pfizer is also encouraging inquiries about the existence/availability of little known Pfizer compounds that target specific mechanisms in which you may have an interest.  The ultimate goal is to leverage existing compounds to advance mechanistic understanding of human disease, resulting in novel treatments for patients.  Integration of academic investigators into collaborative repositioning efforts with Pfizer would substantially increase the knowledge base and the pool of methodologies available for proof of concept studies. These matches will undoubtedly result in an increased number of approved drugs for new indications and considerable public benefit.  

Membership in the Portal is free for CTSA researchers. To learn more about the Portal project visit our website at www.ctsapharmaportal.org. The website will also allow you the opportunity to complete a short survey describing your interests and to join the Portal. 

If you have any questions, please contact:

Kate Marusina, Ph.D., MBA
Clinical and Translational Science Center
UC Davis School of Medicine
TEL: (916)703-9177
CEL: (530)979-1522
EMAIL: kate.marusina@ucdmc.ucdavis.edu