RMS Version 2.2 is now in production !!!!

CTSC Request Management System (RMS) Version 2.2
Changes from CTSC RMS Version 2.1:

1. The main request page has been completely revamped. Its back end logic has been
optimized for faster loading times by consolidating all signi cant database access. The
page now contains options to switch between pending/completed and request/task
views with a single click. This allows users to check on their pending and completed
requests in a straightforward and easy-to-use manner. Users may also quickly access
any affliated request by using a request box in the top left corner of the page.
2. Multiple new reporting interfaces have been created for system, core, and consultation
administrators. Core administrators may access the following interfaces:
{ Overdue tasks
{ Task summary based on status
{ User demographics
{ Missing user attributes
{ Total core requests by consultation and requester
{ Total requests and tasks by core
{ Customized re nements for tasks
Similarly, consultation administrators may access the following subset of interfaces:
{ Overdue tasks
{ Task summary based on status
{ Customized re nements for tasks
System administrators may access all the prior interfaces in addition to two exclusives:
{ Total users by institution
{ Total requests by investigator
3. The reporting tabs at the top of the reporting page have been deprecated by the new
reporting interfaces.
4. The custom reporting interface has been deprecated. Users can now use the primary
request page to track all their requests and tasks, while core and consultation ad-
ministrators have seamless access to a custom tasks re nements reporting interface
which allows them to summarize task usage via options such as requester, specialty,
and institution.
5. A user account merging interface has been introduced for system administrators.
This interface lets system administrators merge all of the relevant information across
multiple accounts into one primary account. An option exists to save the email
addresses of the accounts being merged for future login purposes. This is useful
in cases where a user has forgotten his/her primary login information but can still
remember one or more secondary email addresses.
6. The complete button has been removed from the task completion page for clarity. A
task will be automatically completed or reverted to a pending status once a completion
date is provided or removed, respectively, and the update button is clicked.