2014 Awardees

The CTSC has provided pilot research funding to investigators and scholars.

The Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative is pleased to announce the awarding of the 2014 Pilot Project Awards to clinical and translational investigators of Case Western Reserve University, and its partner institutions.

Annual Pilot Awardees

Name Institution Project Title Amount
Umut Gurkan CWRU Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Biochip for Newborns $28,259.39
Anant Madabhushi CWRU Computerized Histologic Image-based predictor of recurrence in breast cancers following treatment $49,997.50
Connie Piccone UHCMC Identifying Renal Microstructural and Blood Flow Changes in Sickle Cell Disease Using Quantitative MRI Techniques $49,939.85
Parameswaran Ramakrishnan CWRU-SOM Novel molecular target and therapeutics for the treatment of type 1 diabetes $49,983.12
James Reynolds CWRU-SOM Flexible Therapy for Cyanide Poisoning $49,683.33
Jeremy Rich Cleveland Clinic Aptamer Targeting of Brain Tumor Initiating Cells $22,136.81
Marie Tuttle UHCMC Impact of Daily Chlorhexidine Bathing on the Skin Microbiota of Patients in Intensive Care $50,000.00

Core Utilization Awardees

Name Institution Project Title Amount
Jirair Bedoyan UHCMC Application of whole exome sequencing for the characterization of genetically unresolved subjects with pyruvate dehydrogenase complex defieciencies $10,000.00
Tracey Bonfield CWRU-SOM Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in CF $9,900.00
David Buchner CWRU-SOM Using CRISPR/Cas technology to facilitate studying the genetics and treatment of premature ovarian failure $10,000.00
Brian Cobb CWRU-SOM Liver-Mediated Immune Regulation $9,800.00
Afshin Dowlati UHCMC Construction of a small-cell lung cancer tissue microarray $3,500.00
Zhaoyang Feng CWRU-SOM GRP78 as a diagnostic biomarker of Parkinsons Disease a pilot study $10,000.00
Ruth Keri CWRU-SOM Identifying Phosphoproteomic Signatures that Predict Response to mTOR and Src Family Kinase Inhibitors in Breast Cancer $10,000.00
Nicola Lai CWRU-BME Oxidative phosphorylation and ion mobility in defective CFTR epithelial cells $10,000.00
Justin Lathia CCLCM High Throughput flow cytometry screen to identify cancer stem cell (CSC)-specific cell surface receptors in a CSC-reporter triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) model system linked to patient survival $9,181.00
Hillard Lazarus UHCMC Pre-Clinical Model Using Pluristem Administration For Delayed Engraftment After Hematopoietic Cell Transplant $10,000.00
Hua Lou CWRU-SOM A novel mouse model to study learning behaviors of the neurofibromatosis type 1 disease $10,000.00
Booki Min CCLRI IL-27-mediated regulation of Foxp3+ regulatory T cell function in asthmatic patients $9,375.00
Monica Montano CWRU-SOM Metabolic inactivation of potent androgens in prostate cancer $10,000.00
Reshmi Parameswaran CWRU-SOM Ex-vivo expansion of human Natural Killer cells in cancer therapy $9,162.00
Joseph Piktel MetroHealth Determining the effect of therapeutic hypothermia on connexin 43 phosphorylation during acute ischemia $9,840.00
Parameswaran Ramakrishnan CWRU-SOM Antibody based therapeutics to treat autoimmune diabetes $9,992.00
Catherine Stein CWRU-SOM Examination of a novel TLR6 gene polymorphism and TB $10,000.00
Alan Tartakoff CWRU-SOM S-Nitrosylation of Human Huntington $10,000.00
John Tilton CWRU-SOM Monitoring Viral Induction of CCR5 Signaling in Memory CD4+ T Cells $10,000.00
Monica Venere CCLRI Identifying post-translational modifications on Eg5 in response to radiotherapy in glioblastoma stem cells $9,440.00
Yu Chung Yang CWRU-SOM Fatty acid oxidation control cell fate of hematopoietic stem cells $10,000.00

Themed Awardees

Name Institution Project Title Amount
From Grant:Child Health
Rebecca Darrah CWRU-SOM Pilot Study for the Identification of a Molecular Link between Obesity and Asthma $30,000.00
Angela Ciccia CWRU-SOM Telepractice risk assessment for neurodevelopmental disabilities in low-income children $30,000.00
Philip Fastenau UHCMC Early Screening and Intervention to Improve Seizure Control and to Ameliorate Comorbidities Following Onset of Epilepsy in Children: Pilot Clinical Trial $30,000.00