2010 Awardees

The CTSC has provided pilot research funding to investigators and scholars.

The Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative is pleased to announce the awarding of the 2010 Pilot Project Awards to clinical and translational investigators of Case Western Reserve University, and its partner institutions.

Annual Pilot Awardees

Name Institution Project Title Amount
Katherine Dell MetroHealth Development and Validation of Molecular Diffusion MRI as a Biomarker for Diabetic Nephropathy $74,731.00
Catherine Demko CWRO-SODM Interactive Training for Healthy Diet Counseling in Dental Care Settings $64,214.00
James Reynolds CWRU Development of a Nitrosylating Transfusion Catheter $72,784.00
David Serre CC Population and Evolutionary Analyses of Plasmodium vivax Genomes from Madagascar $75,000.00
Ramon Tiu CC The pathogenic role of telomere shortening in clonal myeloid disease $74,998.00

Core Utilization Awardees

Name Institution Project Title Amount
Ehab Barakat CC Novel Use of the Surgical Robot in Female Fertility Preservation $24,992.00
Afsaneh Barzi CC Circulating Tumor Cells in Colorectal Cancer Patients $20,000.00
Francois Bethoux CC The Effects of Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis $24,914.00
Michelle Catenacci CC Evaluation of the Role of Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 and Activin A on Human Follicular Growth $24,795.00
Mellar Davis CC Force, Perception, Effort, Strength and Dynamic Muscle Function in Cancer Related Fatigue $25,000.00
Arlene Dent UH Flow Cytometric Detection of Memory B cells Using Novel Antigen-Quantum Dot Technology $9,514.00
Farzeen Fioozi CC The Impact of Vaginal Delivery on Stem Cell Homing Factors $24,132.00
Ram Ganapathi CC Genomic Alterations in Ovarian Cancer:� Tumor Recurrence and Treatment Failure $24,910.00
Matthew Ginsberg CC Genome-Wide Methylation Analyses in Autism $25,000.00
Kishore Guda CWRU-SOM Non-coding MicroRNAs as Indicators of Cancer Risk in Barrett�s Esophagus $9,900.00
Jacob Haus CC Advanced Glycation Endproducts and Peripheral Insulin Resistance with Type 2 Diabetes $25,000.00
Anna Maria Hibbs UH Respiratory Morbidity Associated with VDR Genotype and Environment in Preterm and Term Children $10,000.00
Craig Hodges CWRU-SOM Effect of Neuronal Specific Loss of CFTR on Genome-wide Expression in the HPG Axis $9,980.00
Anny Hsu CC Reliability and Accuracy of MRI Assessment of Rotator Cuff Muscle Atrophy and Fat Infiltration $24,560.00
Christopher Iannotti CC Assessment of an Immunomodulatory and Glial Scar Modification Strategy in the Injured Spinal Cord $25,000.00
Byron Lee CC Comprehensive Survey of DNA Methylation in Normal Prostate and Prostate Cancer $25,000.00
Guiming Liu UH Proteomics Analysis Identifies Molecular Targets Related to Temporal Changes in Diabetic Cystopathy $10,000.00
Charles Mahan MetroHealth Baseline sTNFRII, INFa, IL17, IL7, suPAR and iCAM-Predict Response to TB Therapy in HIV/TB Persons $10,000.00
Indu Malhotra CWRU-SOM Do antenatal maternal infections devalue childhood vaccination? $9,875.00
Alicia Mandujano MetroHealth Has the dawn phenomenon finally set? $10,000.00
Ryan Manz CC The Effects of Immunosuppression and Facial Transplantation on Tumor Growth $25,000.00
Reena Mehra UH Vascular Stiffness and Inflammation in Sleep Apnea and Cardiac Disease $9,750.00
Arozia Moazzam CC Development of a Novel Alternative to Onsite Collection of Semen Samples in Men Seeking Infertility $13,009.00
Ryan Mori CC Development of Real-Time Intraoperative Biosensing to Detect Intraoperative Ischemic Kidney Injury $25,000.00
Akshat Pujara CC Evaluation of Novel Biomarkers in Post-Operative Atrial Fibrillation after Descending Aortic Surgery $19,753.00
Rachel Randall CC Physeal Column Formation in Vitro $25,000.00
Edmund Sabanegh CC Smoking and Semen Parameters: Is the Effect of Smoking on Male Fertility a Reversible Process?� $24,487.00
Wan Yong Shin CC High Resolution T1 and Magnetization Transfer MR Imaging $6,900.00
Matthew Simmons CC Development of a Novel Urine Biomarker Panel to Detect Ischemic Kidney Injury $25,000.00
Mark ** Smith CWRU-SOM Mass Spectrometry analysis of neurofilament protein $10,000.00
Alegandro Spiotta CC Evaluating Electrocorticography as Possible Movement Control Signals for Brain-Computer Interface $2,350.00
Julian Stelzer CWRU-SOM Investigating The Phosphorylation of Myosin Binding Protein C (MYBPC) as a Biomarker for Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy $10,000.00
Kingman Strohl VA Novel Role for Apolipoprotein a2 in the Respiratory Neuroaxis $7,636.00
Balaji Tamarappoo CC Detection of Angiogenesis and Neovascularzation of Carotid Plaque with Multimodality Imaging $16,000.00
George Thomas CC Protein Catabolism in Critically Ill Patients on Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy $20,000.00
Cheryl Thompson CWRU-SOM Genetics of Aberrant Breast Development $10,000.00

Themed Awardees

Name Institution Project Title Amount
From Grant:CER Pilot
Paul Drawz CWRU-SOM Enhancements to the Cleveland VA Clinical Database to Facilitate CER $20,000.00
Morgan Jones CC Infrastructure for Studying Patient-Reported Outcomes of Orthopaedic Surgeries in Observational Comparative Effectiveness Research Studies $49,976.00