HIV, Co-Infections and Co-Morbidities

Key Co-Infections and Co-Morbidities Working Group topics:

  • HIV/TB research at Case
  • Impact of MTB on HIV latency and reservoirs.
  • Pathogenesis atherosclerosis in HIV infection, including the roles of inflammation and vitamin D in this disease process.
  • Role of human papillomavirus (HPV) associated head and neck cancer (education, screening, HPV incidence/prevalence and oncogenic types, cancer genetics and the role of human beta defensins as biomarkers)
  • Relationship of HPV to HIV infection in Uganda through a consortium that involves the Case/UH CFAR, the Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Joint Clinical Research Centre, and the Uganda Cancer Institute.
  • Genetic association of APOL1 risk variants with advanced CKD in African Americans.
  • Impact of reactivation of latent HIV infections of microglial cells on promoting neuronal damage.

Working Group activities:

  • Measurement of the impact of TB on HIV viral reservoirs in treated patients
  • Identification of HPV strains associated with cancers in Uganda.
  • Demonstrate the impact of chronic inflammation on the development of heart disease
  • Research pursued by Co-Infections and Co-Morbidities Working Group investigators is linked with the goals of the Immune Mechanisms and Pathogenesis and the Virology & Cure Working Groups

Current Working Group Leaders:

HIV, Co-Infections and Co-Morbidities