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Pioneering HIV researcher, Dr. Rafick Sékaly to join Case Western Reserve University Department of Pathology.

The CFAR is proud to announce the imminent arrival of Dr. Rafick Sékaly to the Department of Pathology at Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Sékaly brings to our CFAR vast experience in molecular mechanisms that regulate the human immune response. His research program may lead to the development of better- adapted immune-based therapeutics and a functional cure to HIV. Together with Dr. Nicolas Chomont, Dr. Sékaly pioneered techniques to identify the memory T cell subsets that harbor the HIV reservoir and showed this reservoir can persist through mechanisms involved in the long-term survival of memory T cells. In particular they showed a significant role for PD1, a molecule involved in down regulation of T cell activation. They also showed that cytokines control memory T cell persistence and homeostasis, which allow the HIV reservoir to persist. Dr. Sékaly is the PI of numerous NIH and foundational grants, a co-PI of the DARE Collaboratory, and will assume the position of Co-Director of the CFAR Proteomics and Systems Biology Core.