Virus Services

The Core provides acces to panels of primary and recombinant HIV and SIV strains and recombinant yeast technology for the construction of novel retrovirus strains. The core maintains a repository of over 500 well-characterized primary HIV isolates as well as common and novel recombinant proviral constructs.

HIV Propagation

Includes 5 days of harvests, spun & filtered
CCR5-tropic HIVs are expanded on U87-CD4/CCR5+ cells (T225 flask).
CXCR-4 tropic HIVs are expanded on MT4 T cells (T75 flask).
Takes at least 2 weeks.

Lentivirus or Pseudovirus Production

Including 2 harvests & concentration of 1st harvest
Lentivirus vector, VSV-G and packaging vector or envelope deficient provirus pseudotyped with VSV-G CaPO4 transfection of 293T cells in 12 x T75 flasks
Takes at least 2 weeks.

Virus Concentration

Ultracentrifugation and Virus aliquots
Could be done in one day, if available.
$65 for up to 200mL

Luciferase Assay

Comparative titer from infected LuSiv or 5.25 cells; Brite-glo reagent read on luminometer
Takes at least 1 week.
$100/ 96-well plate

p24 ELISA Assay

Xpress Bio p24 ELISA kit for cultured cell supernatants, (not sensitive enough for clinical samples).  The number of strips required depends on the number of samples, controls and replicates - quantitative assay (triplicates) vs qualitative assay (single dilutions).
Could be done in one day, if available.
$95/assay + $40/8-well strip

RT Assay - Infectious

Reverse Transcriptase Assay on Infected Cells
End point titration in PBMC or cells of choice
Takes at least 2 weeks.
$250 for 3 viruses

RT Assay - Virtual

Comparative Reverse Transcriptase Assay
Could be done in one day, if available.
$100 per 96-well plate

MTB Strains

Contact Dr. Silver ( to arrange collaboration
Cost TBD