Deltavision Microscopy

Deconvolution offers an attractive alternative to laser confocal analysis to generate ultra-high resolution images from a precisely calibrated wide-field fluorescence microscope. The Deltavision Core imaging system (Applied Precision Inc., is configured to capture images in seven different spectral channels for concurrent analysis of up to four fluorescent probes at a time in both fixed and live-cell analyses. Images are routinely deconvolved using well-established mathematical algorithms to remove out-of-focus light and greatly improve image resolution and contrast. The Deltavision system is equipped with a high-resolution digital camera that is capable of detecting very weak signals, enabling great sensitivity with minimal illumination. An X, Y, Z-stage facilitates concurrent, 3-dimensional imaging of multiple fields for improved throughput, and the enclosed incubator maintains precise temperature and CO2 control for live cell analysis. The microscope is housed in a BSL2* containment facility equipped with a biosafety cabinet and a CO2 incubator, which allows for growth and manipulation of HIV and other biocontained specimens for direct observation in live cells and tissues.

Data Analysis:  Data analysis can be performed free of charge during open slots in the schedule using the Softworx analysis package on the Deltavision workstation. Alternatively, the Imaris Bitplane workstation, located adjacent to the Deltavision lab, is available for use on a first-come, first-served basis. The Imaris software package contains a series of image analysis modules to quantify co-localization of fluorescent signals, track cells and particles (e.g. HIV) in live cell analyses, and analyze complex distribution patterns within and between cell populations. The software is among the most popular 3D analysis packages on the market and is highly user friendly as well as customizable for the most demanding of applications.

Training is $40 per hour; training typically takes 2 hours.
Contact Jen Bongorno in David McDonald's lab
Wood Research Tower 205K or BRB1048
368-1139 or

Pricing: $20/hr for peak use; $10/hr for off-peak use; peak hours are from 9am to 6pm M-F