Virology, Next Generation Sequencing and Imaging

Core Overview:

The Virology, Next Generation Sequencing and Imaging Core supports research on HIV and associated pathogens. The Core provides services in support of virology research that include creating and producing recombinant HIV and lentiviral vector stocks, support of shRNA library screens, high throughput, next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) and access to biocontained, high resolution fluorescence microscopy.

HIV Production / Virus Services

The core offers HIV propagation, pseudovirus or lentivirus production, and titering services including luciferase assays, p24 ELISA assays, and reverse transcription assays. For more informaton see Virus Services.

Next Generation Sequencing

Provides access to the latest technologies in ultra-deep sequencing, including Ion Torrent, Roche 454, and Illumina platforms, in the UH Translational Laboratory, a CLIA/CAP accredited facility. For more information see Next Generation Sequencing.


The Core offers a highly standardized platform for conducting ultra-low input (e.g. <1,000 cells or biopsies) RNA isolation and Illumina-based RNA / micro-RNA sequencing on a wide variety of animal model and patient sample types.  In partnership with the CWRU Genomics Core, we offer a top-to-bottom SOP-driven process including transcriptomic study consultation and design, sample collection and preservation methods, quality control, deep sequencing, and bioinformatic reports.  We can integrate multiple data types, whether clinical or functional, in the bioinformatics analysis to uncover biomarkers or immune correlates.   We also serve as an Inter-CFAR Bioinformatic Platform to facilitate data integration and partnerships between CFARs working with comparable omic studies. Our workflows interface with the CFAR Proteomics and Systems Biology Core for those researchers who require wide multi-omic or meta-study systems biology analysis.

Deltavision Microscopy

Wide-field, fluorescent deconvolution microscopy for fixed and live cell samples, contained within a BSL2 lab suitable for HIV infected live samples. For more information see Delta Microscopy.

StepOnePlus Real Time PCR System

The Applied Biosystems Taqman Real Time PCR Machine is located on the 10th floor of the Biomedical Research Building. For more information see StepOnePlus Real Time PCR System.

FACS Aria Live Cell Sorting

Live Cell Sorting by FACS Aria of BSLII infected mononuclear cell samples is available through the Core at the Cleveland Veterans Administration Medical Center, for more information please see iLab or contact Amy Graham

Biosafety Level 3 and BL-2+ Facilities

Now part of Administrative Core

Researchers who utilize CWRU/UH Center for AIDS Research services are strongly encouraged to cite the CFAR in all publications resulting from the use of CFAR services. CWRU/UH Center for AIDS Research: NIH Grant Number: P30 AI036219.