Proteomics and Systems Biology

This core previously functioned under the Virology, Proteomics and Microbial Pathogenesis Core but has emerged into its own core. Dr. Chance is Director of Center for Proteomics and Bioinformatics, and acts as Proteomics and Systems Biology Core Director for the CFAR. He has a long-standing track record in quantitative mass spectrometry; his laboratory invented mass spectrometry based protein foot printing, a well-known and popular quantitative proteomics technology for examining protein structure.

General Information:

Check out the Core Resources page for a listing of Instruments and Computational equipment available through the Core.

A variety of proteomic cores and services are available, including structural proteomics, 2D DIGE, PTM, label-free and systems biology data analysis. For more information, visit the Core Services page.

Please contact Janna Kiselar with questions about the Core: or call (216) 368-0979.

Researchers who utilize CWRU/UH Center for AIDS Research services are strongly encouraged to cite the CFAR in all publications resulting from the use of CFAR services. CWRU/UH Center for AIDS Research: NIH Grant Number: P30 AI036219.