Developmental Core Awards Program

The applications for CFAR Developmental Core Award (up to $50,000/year) are solicited once a year by advertising via CFAR website and a weekly newsletter emailed to all CFAR members. Developmental funding is intended to stimulate new research topics and inter-disciplinary collaboration in four areas of strength at CWRU CFAR: prevention, pathogenesis, treatment and cure. Developmental funding is not intended to supplement an ongoing NIH-funded project, and the funds can't be requested for faculty salary support or equipment purchase. The applications, submitted via a web-based mechanism, are reviewed and ranked in a process similar to that used by a NIH Study Sections by qualified reviewers solicited from Case Faculty. The review committee is drawn from a pool of accomplished CWRU CFAR investigators who are most qualified to review the developmental applications but we take care to also engage junior faculty as reviewers, preferably former recipients of a CFAR grant. The rating criteria include the significance of the proposal, innovation, scientific merit, value added by bridging the areas of strength with new alliances, whether the application falls into the scope of the four major programmatic themes of Case CFAR (Cure, Pathogenesis, Prevention, Treatment), and last, but not least, the likelihood that the developmental funding will translate into federal funding. In a typical competition 2-3 applications out of 8 eligible for review are funded.


All full time faculty at CWRU and affiliated academic institutions/hospitals such University Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Louis Stockes Veterans Administration Hospital and MetroHealth Medical Center are eligible to apply. Priority is given to funding new projects by junior investigators, in particular those that have not yet obtained external funds to support their research. Applications from senior investigators will only be considered in response to specific strategic initiatives. The applicants are required to establish a mentoring relationship through the one-on-one mentoring program offered by CWRU/UH CFAR prior to submitting their application for a developmental award. Applicants should hold a full membership with CFAR. There are no citizenship requirements, and applications from minorities are encouraged. If an IRB is required for your study you must apply for the IRB prior to the submission of your application.

For more information on this program, please contact Brinn Omabegho via email or call (216)368-0271