Clinical Core Services and Fees

Database searches:

The SIU data base is queried for CWRU/UH CFAR investigators to support clinical and epidemiologic studies. These queries are charged at $40.00 per half hour (with a minimum fee of $40.00) of data base manager time and reports are provided directly to the investigator. Only deidentified data are provided to investigators who are not CFAR members listed under the existing IRB-approved CFAR database protocol.

Access to the real time SIU data base is an invaluable support for research:
Clinical and Epidemiologic studies,
Clinical treatment trials,
Translational research studies,
Retrospective analyses of stored specimens.

Repository Request: Stored specimen retrieval:

Selected specimens as identified through SIU data base queries can be retrieved for analysis at a charge:

Cryopreserved PBMCs: $25.00 per sample
Red cell pellets: $10.00 per sample
Plasma: $10.00 per sample

There is no charge when specimens are retrieved for clinical care purposes.

Patient Specimen Request/Clinical study coordination:

Patients can be recruited for participation in clinical research studies during the scheduled clinic visits by the CFAR clinical studies coordinator or through responses to approved clinical studies advertisements posted in the SIU waiting room. In addition, as noted above, the SIU data base can be reviewed by the CFAR clinical studies coordinator to identify patients who have earlier signed consent indicating willingness to be contacted for clinical research studies. Thus armed with study inclusion and exclusion criteria, the CFAR clinical studies coordinator can identify eligible and interested patients, arrange for their visits to the SIU for discussion of the study, and if the patient is interested and eligible, obtain written informed consent.
As per Clinical Core policies and procedures, any studies that involve a clinical intervention, a treatment, a procedure more invasive than a single blood draw, must be discussed first with the patient's physician and with the assembled group of SIU providers and researchers before the study can proceed with enrollment.

Charges for this service are $15.00 for written consent and $15.00 for a blood draw, plus an additional charge of $.50 (50 cents) per tube.

All packaging and shipping costs must be paid by the requestor. To request services please fill out the Clinical Core Request (downloadable form).

Researchers who utilize CWRU/UH Center for AIDS Research services are strongly encouraged to cite the CFAR in all publications resulting from the use of CFAR services. CWRU/UH Center for AIDS Research: NIH Grant Number: P30 AI036219.