CFAR Catalytic Fund for Strategic Interdisciplinary Research

The CFAR at Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center will provide strategic investment for funding of programs aligned with the priorities of our CFAR to foster interdisciplinary research in HIV/AIDS. The CFAR has established the following areas to be of highest priority in its research agenda: cure (including persistence, reservoirs, and reactivation), immune mechanisms, pathogenesis, and restoration/control, and non-AIDS complications. Emerging areas of strategic importance for the CFAR include, but are not limited to HIV-associated malignancies, cardiovascular disease, and neuro-AIDS. Investigators in the basic sciences and clinical departments in the School of Medicine and Hospital System as well as in other departments throughout the University are eligible. Applications should include a basic science emphasis with a translational/clinical component or a clinical focus with a translational/basic component, and should outline a team science approach.

For this application, we would like to strongly emphasize the following points:
- This must be for a multi-disciplinary program with the expectation that this investment will lead to significant future funding
- Junior investigators (Instructors, Assistant Professors) should have a leadership role in the team, although we fully expect seasoned investigators to play a major role
- Involvement of groups/topics/investigators new to the CFAR as a component of the proposal are encouraged

Grants will have an initial annual budget not to exceed $75,000 direct costs each and will be awarded to teams who intend to expand or initiate translational programs aligned with areas of strategic emphasis of the CFAR. In the next year of funding, up to four grants may be awarded.


All full time faculty at CWRU and affiliated academic institutions/hospitals such University Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Louis Stockes Veterans Administration Hospital and MetroHealth Medical Center are eligible to apply. Priority is given to funding new projects by junior investigators, in particular those that have not yet obtained external funds to support their research. Applications from senior investigators will only be considered in response to specific strategic initiatives. The applicants are required to establish a mentoring relationship through the one-on-one mentoring program offered by CWRU/UH CFAR prior to submitting their application for a developmental award. Applicants should hold a full membership with CFAR. There are no citizenship requirements, and applications from minorities are encouraged. If an IRB is required for your study you must apply for the IRB prior to the submission of your application.

For more information on this program, please contact Brinn Omabegho via email or call (216)368-0271