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The Case CFAR program emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration between basic science and clinical investigators, as well as translational research in which findings from the laboratory are brought to the clinic and international research which brings Case investigators to the epicenter of the global AIDS epidemic. The Case CFAR accomplishes this through Core Facilities that provide expertise, resources and services not readily obtained through more traditional funding mechanisms. CFAR members may take advantage of five laboratory Cores, which provide access to specialized equipment, assays and techniques which have been identified by our members as critical for enhancing our research portfolio.

There are six main cores that are offered and two extra cores of support.

Main Cores:

Support Cores:

Scientific Working Groups

Within the CFAR Cores there are CFAR Scientific Working Groups that provide an effective forum for member investigators to define scientific initiatives for the CFAR and to identify services and needs to be provided by the cores.

Community Advisory Board

A strong, open relationship between the Community, the AIDS Clinical Trials Unit and the Case CFAR has been a critical part of the success of the Case CFAR over its many years of operation. A very important part of this relationship is our Community Advisory Board (CAB), which provides feedback to the CFAR regarding HIV research activities and review studies propsed through the CFAR Clinical Core. For more information on the Community Advisory Board click here.