CFAR Membership

The broad goal of the CFAR program is to coordinate clinical and basic AIDS research activities through provision of core support facilities, short-term developmental funds, support of seminar series and symposia, and community based education programs. There are different levels of membership; Full and Associate levels are able to enjoy different services from CFAR. CWRU CFAR membership is open to faculty of CWRU and affiliated Universities and hospitals. The CFAR at CWRU is organized into the following strategic planning groups and provides funding for three basic science Cores and two clinical research Cores:

Membership Levels:

Full Members-are full-time faculty of CWRU and affiliated institutions; University Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic, Veterans Administration and MetroHealth Medical Center whose clinical and or basic research interests are closely aligned with CWRU CFAR programmatic priority areas, such as Cure, Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention. Full membership is required for eligibility to apply for Developmental Awards, the International Scholars Program, and CFAR mentoring. Full members receive a weekly electronic newsletter reporting on about HIV related events and seminar announcements.

Associate Member- are members of the CFAR community who have an affiliation with CWRU, UH, Metro, CC, VA or at another institution as well as students and postdocs who are interested in HIV/AIDS or work in CFAR member's laboratories. The members do not utilize the Cores regularly, do not participate in CFAR Scientific Working Groups, are not working specifically on HIV/AIDS but wish to be informed about CFAR activities. Members will be added to CWRU CFAR email for the distribution of list weekly electronic newsletter informing on HIV related events and announcements.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Case Center For AIDS Research, please download and submit an application.

For a complete list of CFAR members, please click HERE.

Core Support Facilities:

Working Groups and group leaders: