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Experiencing many levels of the medical infrastructure from the most rudimentary clinics to the elite private hospitals.


Our medical students participate in nearly forty student organizations. We support the creativity and energy of our students, whose initiative and leadership have led to the creation of these groups.

The student organizations at the School of Medicine are much more than a conduit for exploring medical interests with peers; they provide valuable opportunities to develop leadership skills and extraordinary opportunities to work with faculty, national medical practitioners, and researchers.

CWRU medical students are involved in a variety of activities ranging from interviewing prospective students to volunteering at the Cleveland Free Clinic . In fact, our some of our student groups have received national awards recognizing their dedication and contributions to the School and the community. In 2003, AMSA selected the School of Medicine as the recipient of the Paul R. Wright Award in Medical Education for the School's exceptional focus on activism in medicine and the integration of advocacy skills training into the medical education curriculum. In 2006, the School of Medicine chapter of the Student National Medical Association (SNMA) received the Chapter of the Year Award for their accomplishments and service to under-served communities.

Some of our organizations are highlighted below:

For a more comprehensive list of student organizations visit their site!