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Set Up Printing

We have endeavored to automatically set up your printers so that they are all listed for you when you log into your computer.  Click on Start, then Printers and Faxes, then right-click the duplex printer whose name is the same as your society’s.  Select Set as Default Printer

In the event that this automatic setup is not working, we are including instructions for manual configuration of the printers:

If the automatic printer setup did not run, then we recommend that you go through these steps at least twice to set up at least the two printers in your society room. Adding the printers from the lounges will allow you to print while other classes are testing. Periodically one of the printers may jam or have some other problem. It is good to have at least one or more backup printers. You can print to any of the student printers on the third or fourth floors or the medical student printer in the Health Center Library.

  1. From the Start menu, select Printer (lower-right).
  2. When the window pops up, click Add a printer (on toolbar near the top).
  3. When the next window pops up, click Add a local printer.
  4. Click the radio button to the left of Create a new port.
  5. Click the drop down menu next to Type of port and, select LPR Port.
  6. Click Next.
  7. For Name or address of server providing lpd type:
  8. For Name of printer or print queue on that server type:
    XXX-Duplex where XXX is the society room of the printer you want.  The possible choices are:
    1. Wearn-Duplex, Wearn-BKP, Blackwell-Duplex, Blackwell-BKP, Satcher-Duplex, Satcher-BKP, Robbins-Duplex, Robbins-BKP (the “BKP” printers are the older, smaller Dell printers that you have in your rooms to use as a backup in case your duplex printers fail).
    2. Then there are the lounges: Redlounge, Bluelounge, Caugheylounge
    3. And the Health Center Library, or “HCL”
  9. Click OK.
  10. Click Have Disk.
  11. Click Browse.
  12. Direct the window to this path: C:\dell\Printer Drivers
  13. If you are setting up a duplex printer, select the folder Duplex Printer.
  14. Click on Open, then OK.
  15. From the two driver choices presented, select Dell Laser Printer 5310n PS3 and click Next.
  16. If prompted to keep the selected printer, click Next.
  17. When you are asked to Name Your Printer, give it a meaningful name that you will recognize it by (this name is what it will look like in your list of available printers).  If you are in Wearn, typing in “Wearn Duplex Printer” would work nicely.
  18. Click Next.
  19. Make sure Do not share this printer is selected, and press Next.
  20. There is no need to print a test page now, so click Next.
  21. Then click Finish, and you have set up a printer!

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