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Visit the Office of Admission for info on application process, financial aid, and student life.

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Visit the Office of Graduate Education for info on our many doctoral programs and the graduate education application process at the School of Medicine.

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Visit Case Western Reserve University's uniquely urban campus, located in the heart of Cleveland's cultural hub, University Circle. Plan your trip:


You must be familiar with the recommended web browser that you will use to access the eCurriculums and many other School of Medicine applications. Not all web browsers are the same and many of the school's applications have been customized to utilize the advanced features of Internet Explorer for Windows, which are also available in Safari in OS X.

NOTE: Please do not install any Beta software. There is a reason that they are still in beta. They can crash and burn your system. Please ask our Technicians before installing new software and ask for suggestions.

  1. Securing Safari:
    1. Start up Safari.
    2. Go to the Safari menu and select Preferences.
    3. Click on the Security tab, select Only from sites you navigate to from the Accept Cookies: radio buttons. And check the box for Block pop-up windows.
    4. Click on the Autofill tab, uncheck all checkboxes.
    5. Click on Override automatic cookie handling.
    6. Choose to block third party cookies.
  2. We recommend setting the Home Page for Safari to either the Student Portal page or the School of Medicine, which we call CaseMED.
    1. To change your home page, go to the page that you want to be your home page.
    2. Then go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options.
    3. In the Home Page section, click the Use Current button.
    4. Click Apply and close the window.
  3. Visit the following sites and add them to a folder in Favorites named Case if they are not there already:
      Case Phone Directory - a directory of students, faculty, and staff providing phone, e-mail, and office location information
    2. Case WebMail
      Case Software Center where you can download and install commercial software that Case has a site license for. Examples: Microsoft Office 2007, Adobe Photoshop.
      Information Technology Services - Main campus
      LaunchPad - a customizable webpage that provides links to numerous campus information resources. This is the campus portal web page that you might want to consider using as your homepage. It provides quick links to your case e-mail account and your Corporate Calendar.
  1. Visit the following sites and add them to a folder in Favorites named CaseMED if they are not there already.
      Cleveland Health Sciences Library
      eCurriculum - a quick link to the eCurriculum.
      Pre-WR2 eCurriculum – a quick link to the Pre-WR2 eCurriculum.
      CaseMED Service Desk
NOTE: There are underscores in the above URL (default_ntlm_euser.asp)

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